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Cultural Cuba
Viva La Musica!

Rumba, casino, trova, son, jazz and reggaeton-viva la Musica-Cubano style! Music permeates Cuban life and culture running deep into the hearts and souls of its citizens. Musicians can be found everywhere…. from parks and street corners, to bars, musical venues, restaurants and private homes. Thanks to its deep historical roots in Africa and Spain, Cuba is one of the most culturally alive and musically articulate countries in the world. One of the best places to hear traditional Cuban music is the renowned Buena Vista Social Club in Old Havana.

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Cuisine-Cuban Style

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, food unites us. Unique to Cuban dining scene are the diverse Paladars-restaurants often in owners’ homes- featuring different types of cuisine. This is the new Cuba. The foods at the heart of Cuban cooking are not native to the islands but were imported over the centuries by the colonizing European settlers and slaves from West Africa, South America and China. What is native to the area now is the diverse and vibrant ways dishes are prepared and the ingredients and spices that are grown here. All to be savored and accompanied by sipping a mojito or rum cocktail.

The Allure of Art

Havana is an art-lovers paradise! Do a deep dive immersion into the dynamic art scene of Cuba. From the amazing Biennial Art Festival and its secret pop-up galleries, to the colorful alleyways and brilliant mural paintings of Callejon de Hamel, to the eccentric artistic neighborhood of Fusterlandia. A plethora of small galleries radiate a dynamic art scene and one only need visit the teaming Artisan Market to see the scope and quality of the local art scene. Formalized fine arts viewing at the Museo de Bellas Artes can be juxtaposed with the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wilfredo Lam, housed in the 18th century Casa de los Condes de Penalver, and the Institute Superior de Arte, the national art school for Cuba’s young artists.

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