Cuba... where past meets present

The Cuba Experts


With our knowledgeable team, we can provide the kind of expertise needed to navigate the complexities of doing business in Cuba.  We have successfully taken groups to Cuba for a number of years and our unique position as one of the premier destination management companies gives us an edge when negotiating those “one of a kind” experiences.  With our insider access and ability to arrange special excursions, your clients will see Cuba in a way that others cannot.  There’s no substitute, no amount of Google research that can replace our commitment to providing an enriching and engaging journey that will be unforgettable.  From its colonial architecture and Latin rhythms to its tropical landscapes and pristine beaches we have the knowledge and connections to provide a Cuban experience to your client like no other.  


With its Spanish colonial history, African roots and decades of Communist leadership, Cuba has emerged from its mysterious past and is now embarking on a historical journey that blends the past with the present.  This is a remarkable opportunity to witness a transformation that is unique to only Cuba.  Traveling to Cuba now means a chance to experience Cuba as it moves from one world into the next.  Vaya Sojourns  |  TransnicoUSA with over 27 years in Cuba is proud to be among the most experienced and imaginative travel companies today.  There is no substitute for our hands on, locally inspired, and highly customized service. With us, your clients will feel the echoes of Cuba’s beguiling past as it begins its rich and endearing journey to become the Cuba of today and tomorrow.  

“ The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

Ernest Hemingway

Vaya Sojourns & TransnicoUSA are authorized by

the U.S. Treasury Department, under a General License,

to conduct people-to-people travel programs in Cuba.